enter for Integrated Rural and Child Development (CIRCDev) is a registered Non-Government Organization in Ghana. CIRCDev is with the aim of helping alleviate rural poverty in Ghana and also provide for the total well-being of women, youth and children. The organization was formed by a group of National Service Personnel in 2015 who were posted to the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal Assembly which was it was then a district.

CIRCDev has been in operation in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality since 2015 and extend its operation to the adjourning district like the Atwima Kwanwoma and Bosome Freho District. CIRCDev has a national certificate and now widening its tentacles to operate in the other deprived districts in the country.

CIRCDev was formed out of a research conducted by the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal Assembly in 2014 during the preparation of their District Medium Term Development Plan (2014-2017). The national service personnel who working with the district assembly were used as field officers for the data collection. It was through the research work that the service personnel realized the extent of poverty in rural communities and the impact poverty is having on the lives of the people particularly women, youth and children living in rural communities of Ghana.


To aid the alleviation of poverty in rural communities and provide for the total well-being of women and children through provision of development needs by collaborating with authorities, groups and organizations to implement programs.


We vision an enriched local community that adequately supports the total development of women and children” through the provision of social needs, economic opportunities and infrastructure. (Leaving no rural community, woman, youth or child behind)

Our Modules

Women and Girls empowerment and Development

Women and girls are the most vulnerable as far as poverty in rural communities in Ghana is concerned. There is limited economic opportunity for women and girls in rural communities of Ghana. CIRCDev through this module empowers women and girls in rural communities by providing them with access to unlimited economic opportunities, educating teenage girls as well and providing them with their basic social needs to enhance them achieve their dreams.

Child Development

One of the most vulnerable groups of poverty in rural communities of Ghana is the children in rural communities. CIRCDev seeks to improve the lives of children in rural communities of Ghana by providing them with their basic social needs to improve their lives. CIRCDev provides children in rural communities with clothes, footwear, school uniforms and materials, scholarships. CIRCDev has formed teens’ clubs in some basic schools in the rural communities of the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal Assembly.

Rural Development

Rural communities of Ghana are faced with numerous challenges which most affect the lives of women, children and the youth. Most rural communities in Ghana do not have health facilities, good transportation infrastructure, and educational infrastructure. Children in some rural communities cover about 5 miles to access some basic life necessities like water and even educational facilities. CIRCDev is keen on aiding the rural development strategies of Ghana by providing basic facilities like water, school facilities, and health facilities as well as other social amenities to enhance the living condition of people living in rural communities.

Youth Empowerment and Development

As a results of the problems in rural communities of Ghana, the youth in rural communities are mostly affected by the limited economic opportunities, non-rewarding nature of the farming activities in the rural communities as well as the inadequate and sometimes the lack of social amenities. The poor living condition in rural communities compel the youth to resort bad social practices. CIRCDev has through this module trains the youth in economic skills and also provides them with the needed support to improve their lives.

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Alimatu Afriyie’s story

I am 35 years old with three children from Nerebehi in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality. I was unemployed and in the house relying on my husband for everything. It was a difficult time. I was always watching television. However, whenever, there is an opportunity in construction like fetching water for construction works, I will quickly… Read more “Alimatu Afriyie’s story”

Alimatu Afriyie

Lardi Abass, a beneficiary’s story

My name is Lardi Abass, I am 46 years old woman with three children. We stay at Seidi in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality of the Ashanti region of Ghana. I could not go to school to be opened to employment opportunities so I am farmer but a peasant farmer. Basically, farming is the source of… Read more “Lardi Abass, a beneficiary’s story”

Lardi Abass


I used to be staying in the house without doing anything. I am a 49-year old woman from Nkawie in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality. I was selling clothes and other items to people but the income was not enough for me and my family. Due to that, I was not regular with the work. One… Read more “THANK YOU CIRCDev”

Beatrice Owusu


I learned dressmaking but due to some challenges, I was not able to complete my training. I started using my machine to make ultrations for people to get money to support me and my daughter. I am a single mother of one. Life was very difficult for me and my daughter because her father was… Read more “I HAVE BEEN RELIEVED SOME FINANCIAL BURDENS”

Mary Nyinaku