Center for Integrated Rural & Child Development


In Ghana, where people with some form of disability are found is on the streets begging for their daily bread. Some are even accompanied by either their children or a family member. Their notion is that, they cannot do anything in their condition. These people have a stake in the development of the country and hence there is the need for some form of empowerment, be it social, economical or even political to make them have a sense of belongingness in the country.

CIRCDev in collaboration with Enliven Mama Africa, a local NGO has initiated a livelihood program to empower people with some disability in Ghana with economic skills that suit their condition. The program is designed to train and support 100 physically challenged people with 80 per cent being females. This is to help reduce the number of disable people on the street begging for their daily bread. The program is designed to even train caregivers of these physically challenged people with economic skills to empower them too.

The pilot program was implemented at Kwanwoma in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of Ghana with 21 beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were given the skills to producing cake and liquid soap, fabric conditioner, antiseptic, thick bleach and shower/bathing gel. The beneficiaries received startup kits to start their business and it is expected to continue for other beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are also to receive financial literacy education in order to enhance their financial management to sustain their business. You can DONATE or Volunteer to support the development of physically challenged people in Ghana.