Center for Integrated Rural & Child Development


According to the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal Education directorate, teenage pregnancy is a major problem among girls in the rural basic schools. It is estimated that, 2 out of 5 girls in rural basic school get pregnant before completing school and some even dropout. Girls who get pregnant drop out of school out of frustration and shyness. This situation perpetuate poverty among girls who grow to become women in rural communities because these girls get limited opportunities to attain higher education and also limited employment opportunities.

These girls are sometimes discriminated socially which affect them psychologically in their entire life. In effect, they are always excluded from all forms of social activities in the communities they find themselves.

This project was aimed at using drama to sensitize and educate teenagers in the various rural school of the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality on the consequences in engaging in pre-marital sex whiles they are in school. The project was implemented in 9 rural basic schools in the Atwima Nwbiagya Municipality namely; Nkawie Islamic School, Kobeng Presby, Amanchia R/C Primary, Amanchia D/A JHS, Abira D/A Primary, Abira D/A JHS, Ataase D/A primary, Wurapong Basic School and Wurapong Islamic School.

Project Outcome

One outcome of the project was to form TEENS’ CLUBS in the various schools for boy and girls to continue the education and also provide them with the social needs as a support to their parents. You can support the TEENS’ CLUBS by DONATING educational items and even VOLUNTEER your time and expertise to help combat TEENAGE PREGNANCY in the rural communities of Ghana.