Center for Integrated Rural & Child Development


This project was with the aim of sensitizing the people from 40 local communities in Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality of Ghana on the duties of their Assembly Member and the Unit Committee as stipulated in the Local Government Act, 2016 (Act 936). This project was initiated after a review on the Local Government Act was done by CIRCDev team as to the role of the Assembly Member and Unit Committee in local development as well as the problem of accountability at the local level with regards to who is to what as far as poverty reduction is concerned in the decentralization concept of Ghana. The project was also to provide the local people the platform to access the performance of their Assembly Member and Unit Committee Members in Local development and accountability. It was also aimed at assessing the challenges and problems that Assembly Members face in discharging their duties as stipulated in the local government act.

The project was again with the aim of aiding communities to prepare COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN to enhance SELF-HELP development. About 99% of the communities in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality do not have an action plan to guide their development and hence rely on the government for everything as far as development is concerned.

Some Findings

About 99% of the people in the communities visited had no idea of the existence of the local government act of Ghana and even the key development duties of their Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members. However, the people had the idea that the Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members were development agents.

About 82% of the Assembly Members and the Unit Committee Members themselves did not even


know their stipulated duties as enshrined in the local government act of Ghana as far as local development is concerned. These local development actors did not have copies of the local government act to guide their actions. Read more about project in the report attached.