I learned dressmaking but due to some challenges, I was not able to complete my training. I started using my machine to make ultrations for people to get money to support me and my daughter. I am a single mother of one. Life was very difficult for me and my daughter because her father was not supporting us as expected.

I heard of CIRCDev’s economic empowerment training at church during the announcement session. I decided to join the program to gain additional skills to support me and my daughter. In fact, I was not getting enough from the ultration that i was doing for people. Sometimes I could get GHc 15.00 for the whole week so it was not easy for us.

So when I joined the training program of the organization which was a 4-week program, they taught us how to produce liquid and cake soap, hair shampoo and conditioner, shower or bathing gel, thick bleach, washing powder and many more. After the training, the organization supported me with GHc 50.00 to start selling thick bleach. In fact, the team was always on me to check how business is going. They taught me how to keep my finances, how to talk to customers and how to win new customers. I start with thick bleach but with their guidance, I now produce antiseptic, fabric conditioner, liquid soap, cake soap, and thick bleach.

Comparing my finances then to now with this business, I can confidently say that, I have been relieved off some financial burdens. I earn GHc 120 a week from my business. I do my business alongside my ultration business, I have not completely stop because people sometimes bring their clothes for ultration.

I thank the organization for the support and you for supporting the organization to organize economic empowerment training program for people like me to relieve us from our financial burdens.