I used to be staying in the house without doing anything. I am a 49-year old woman from Nkawie in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality. I was selling clothes and other items to people but the income was not enough for me and my family. Due to that, I was not regular with the work.

One thing I wanted to learn was bead making because whenever, I go to sell my clothes, the people would be asking if I have bead necklace, bracelets and others. So I went to someone to teach me but I could not afford the cost or the fee. I heard of CIRCDev’s training program at church during the announcement session that, they are going to train women in bead making, fresh yoghurt and soyabean khebab so I decided to join the training which was for 2 weeks.

They taught us how to use the bead to make necklace and the stuffs that my customers used to ask of. Due to their training, now I do not just stay in the house without doing anything. Always I am doing something and I have started my business again. The training program has enhanced my income level and I have happy that, I have learned the skills I wanted. The images are some of my works

The organization is very focused and have time for beneficiaries. After the training, they saw to it that, I have started my business even though I was not fortunate to receive start up kit from them but some of the other beneficiaries who could not afford to start their business received start up. I am so proud of CIRCDev team because they treat beneficiaries like family members.

I will therefore entreat you to kindly donate to the organization to enable them reach more rural women who are unemployed to support them to relieve them of their economic hardship.

Thank you CIRCDev